Signature Lightroom Mobile Presets - Full Collection

Edit your photos with 1 click. 6 brand new presets with a wide range of color, mood and style. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use when I edit my own photos and as a result, can be seen on my Instagram page.


Six Gorgeous Presets that Work on Any Photo!


Edgy contrast, punchy color, as well as balanced highlights and shadows for a classic edit.


Dreamy whites and ivory skin tones characterize this light and airy preset.

soft glow classic lightroom mobile preset

Soft Glow

This preset softens any image while adding a warm glow to skin tones. Perfect for selfies and close ups!

lover classic lightroom mobile preset


This romantic and magical preset adds a creamy haze over your image for a soft and styled look.

El Camino

Perfect for the natural light photographer, this preset balances white tones, as well as the shadows and highlights for a gorgeous edit.


Retro but classic, this preset desaturates and gives a gentle warmth. It adds a subtle grain over the image to give it that authentic vintage vibe.

Here's How It Works...

Step One

Once you purchase the collection, you will receive a download link (inside of the instruction manual) to your email - open the link inside your Email app with your phone to install directly from mobile!

Step Two

The download link will open the Dropbox app on your mobile device where you can save the files directly to your camera roll.

Step Three

Import the files into the Lightroom mobile app, save them as presets, and get started editing!

*You will need the Dropbox app and Lightroom Mobile app downloaded (both free from the App Store) in order to install these directly using your mobile device.

Drag or Swipe the Vertical Line to See Before / After!

Signature Lightroom Mobile Presets - Full Collection

gorgeous photo edits on iPhone

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