My Healing Journey With Essential Oils

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bethany randall healing journey with essential oils

A Facebook memory popped up on my timeline of my first essential oil purchase 8 years ago! It all started with a Seabuckthorn skin serum and Neem dental blend.

my healing journey with essential oils

I can remember being so excited about using oils because I always knew they were a great, natural way to support the body and overall health.

Flashback to about 9 years ago, when I was researching natural solutions to lose weight and become more healthy, I stumbled on a book written by David Wolfe. In this book, he suggested that essential oils were great for skin & beauty and I was intrigued…I needed to know more.

This was during a time in my life when I suffered from lots of issues like dandruff, acne, body odor, cellulite, and more. I refused to use products in the store because I knew the ingredients were toxic, harmful to my health, and that they never worked for me anyway. I was desperate for a natural solution that would actually work.

I cleaned up my diet a LOT based on research and trial & error – began juicing, switched to a raw, plant based diet, took up practices like tounge scraping, dry brushing, and the infrared sauna. I was noticing improvements, however, I still struggled with poor digestion, acne, dandruff, anxiety, etc. and I wondered why my body wasn’t healing quick enough.

More research led me down a path where I discovered an amazing company called Living Libations, a luxury brand of formulated essential oil bath & body care. Nadine Artemis founded the company and grows all of the plants for her oils on her own property in Canada. Talk about purity!

I ordered everything: the Seabuckthorn facial cleanser, neem tooth serum, Seabuckthorn shampoo…it was expensive, but I had a gut feeling that essential oils were exactly what I needed. I didn’t have anybody to walk me through how oils work, or which ones were good for what… all I had were a few books and my intuition.

I started using the products religiously and for the first time ever:

my scalp stopped itching,
my face wasn’t red and blotchy anymore,
my armpits didn’t stink after 10 minutes of sweating…

It was a miracle and since then, I haven’t been able to stop using essential oils.

Throughout the years, I have been exposed to more oils from more brands but I stuck to my 5 products that I knew worked and didn’t venture much past that.

A friend then introduced me to Doterra, but I still didn’t believe I needed them beyond my beauty care. Then a friend introduced me to Young Living, and I was blown away by the quality, potency, attention to the process, and their dedication to formulating more non-toxic products for the home. I realized you can use oils for SO MUCH MORE than just one thing.

Essential oils can provide hormonal support, digestive support, respiratory support, emotional support, sleep support, and you can even clean with them!

Then I learned how to formulate my own blends and make my own serums, lotions, and rollers whenever I need!

Now, I have way more oils at my disposal and a lot more knowledge and experience.

Instead of just using oils to cleanse my skin and for my hair, I use them more holistically such as: putting peppermint in my water, dabbing some on for hormonal support, diffusing them for better sleep, and so much more.

When I made that switch, I started experiencing what I would call optimal health. Better mood, healing of my skin, better digestion, stronger and silkier hair, better sleep. I finally had plant based support in every area of my life, more so than through just diet alone.

Essential oils have transformed my health for the better and I know if I can feel this good, then you can too!



P.S. I WISH someone would have told me about the starter kit 8 years ago. This is everything you need to get started with oils and I would be so honored to have you jump into your oily-wellness journey with me. If you’re ready, grab your essential oils starter kit here and I can’t wait to welcome you in.

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