Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could focus on creating more and managing tech less, while simultaneously growing your business?

Imagine this… you’re in post-yoga bliss, sipping your coconut iced coffee, while getting a fresh boomerang for your IG story…you’re “taking the day off.” All the sudden, you have the time to crack open the self-help book that’s been sitting on your nightstand collecting dust, write your daily affirmations in your manifestation journal, and even squeeze in a 20 minute meditation.

Life is good now that you don’t have to:

– Spend hours inside of Facebook groups trying to get new leads
– Read countless blogs for new ideas on how to grow your email list
– Shamelessly promote your “freebie” all over your social media
– Keep hitting “refresh” on your email list hoping for another subscriber
– “Wing it” inside ads manager based on techniques you learned from some random Youtube guy

You “hustle” harder than anyone you know, and your email list is growing, but at the rate of a snail scooting it’s way a mountain… you think to yourself, there’s gotta be an easier way, bro.”

That’s the power of using Facebook ads for list building.

You have the opportunity to be seen & heard by hundreds more potential clients without much effort on your end. At the end of the day, you have more leads than you know what to do with, and you didn’t even think about it once. That’s freedom.

What’s Included

X A personalized ad strategy -> To ensure all your goals are met
X Ad creation / video coaching -> Collaboration on designing ads that people will LOVE
X Campaign set up -> So you don’t even have to open ads manager, ever
X Audience research for bullseye targeting -> So your ads reach the right audience
X Review of landing pages & feedback -> No more guessing on whether or not your ad will be approved
X Pixel implementation -> Just in case installing some code isn’t your thing
X Tracking of results -> An expert’s eye monitoring your ads daily
X Weekly and monthly reporting -> So you can rave to all your friends

Proven Results

My clients have experienced massive list growth, however results are not guaranteed.

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Bethany literally showed up right when I was looking for. After searching for an expert in social media marketing and ads, I stumbled upon an ad I kept seeing on instagram of an influencer friend in Bali. She connected me to the source of this consistent magic I kept seeing- Bethany. Bethany is such a breath of fresh air in the advertising world. She brings a lot of empathy, passion and enthusiasm to this work. She is incredibly responsive, consistent and supportive, and I love the creative ideas that she offers. Since hiring Bethany to run my ads on social media, I've noticed a pretty fast increase in bookings and engagement, and I can also feel that we have only just begun. Thank you so much Bethany!

Setting your business up for unlimited success

Facebook ads are not a get rich quick scheme. There is an art to social advertising, as it requires a ton of testing, and perfecting before it’s just right.  Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t paint The Mona Lisa in a day, with his eyes closed. This is why having expert support can dramatically increase your potential for success.

You may be ready to hire an ads manager IF…
X  You know exactly who your ideal client is
X  You have an irresistible lead magnet
X  Your landing page is solid
X  You’re ready to invest in growth for you business
X You want to collaborate with a digital marketing expert to expand your online presence
X  You want done-for-you ad campaigns so you can focus more on what you do best

Investment: $997 per month

Use the button below to answer a few questions about your business so I can determine if we’re a good fit. Once I receive your application, we will schedule an initial strategy session via Zoom.

Working with Bethany has been SUCH a relief! Even knowing a decent bit about Facebook ads myself, I was immediately impressed with Bethany’s knowledge and advice for my business. She did her research on my brand and REALLY understood who I wanted to target + what types of ads would make for the best conversions. Since establishing an ad strategy with Bethany, I have been consistently bringing in five-figures a month in revenue (with an ad spend of about $20 a day). I HIGHLY recommend hiring Bethany and recommend her for anyone wanting to scale their business!