Skyrocket your course sales with Worry free ad campaigns.

You’ve just spent months creating your online course so that you could generate enough passive income in your business, you could do more of the things you love and wayyy less of the things that make you want to throw your laptop off a cliff.

What would having a 5, or even 6-figure, course launch do for your life? Would you…

– Travel more
– Invest in your business
– Hit up the spa for weekly facials and massages
– Have the financial freedom to finally pay off debt

That’s the power of using Facebook ads for your next online course launch.

You have the opportunity to be seen & heard by hundreds more potential clients without much effort on your end. At the end of the day, you have more students than you ever thought possible, and you didn’t even think about it once. That’s freedom.

The Method to Selling Out Your Course

Phase 1:
Lead Generation

4-8 weeks before the launch, we focus on building your email list with the perfect opt-in offer to introduce potential students to your business.

Phase 2:
Webinar Registration

1 week before the launch, we use ads to invite potential students to your online master class.

Phase 3:
Open Enrollment

We use a unique ad to promote that the course is now open for enrollment, and encourage people to sign up.

Phase 4:
Doors Closing

In this phase, we use the power of retargeting to offer one last chance for potential students to enroll.

What’s Included

X A personalized ad strategy -> To ensure all your goals are met
X Ad creation / video coaching -> Collaboration on designing ads that people will LOVE
X Campaign set up -> So you don’t even have to open ads manager, ever
X Audience research for bullseye targeting -> So your ads reach the right audience
X Review of landing pages & feedback -> No more guessing on whether or not your ad will be approved
X Pixel implementation -> Just in case installing some tracking code isn’t your thing
X Tracking of results -> An expert’s eye monitoring your ads daily
X Launch analysis and data report -> So you can rave to all your friends

Proven Results

FB Ads have helped my clients have their biggest launches ever, however results are not guaranteed.

Setting your business up for unlimited success

If you’ve ever tried running FB ads yourself, you may have felt like you were playing a game of “trick-or-treat” with your ad dollars: setting up a campaign but never knowing exactly if it was going to give you the results you wanted. This is why having expert support can not only dramatically increase your potential for success, but also give you peace of mind, ease, and confidence.

You may be ready to hire an ads manager IF…
X  You know exactly who your ideal client is
X  You have an irresistible lead magnet
X  Your landing page is solid
X  You’ve had a successful launch in the past, without using ads
X  You’re ready to invest in growth for you business
X You want to collaborate with a digital marketing expert to expand your online presence
X  You want done-for-you ad campaigns so you can focus more on what you do best

Investment: $1997

Use the button below to answer a few questions about your business so I can determine if we’re a good fit. Once I receive your application, we will schedule an initial strategy session via Zoom.

Working with Bethany has been SUCH a relief! Even knowing a decent bit about Facebook ads myself, I was immediately impressed with Bethany’s knowledge and advice for my business. She did her research on my brand and REALLY understood who I wanted to target + what types of ads would make for the best conversions. Since establishing an ad strategy with Bethany, I have been consistently bringing in five-figures a month in revenue (with an ad spend of about $20 a day). I HIGHLY recommend hiring Bethany and recommend her for anyone wanting to scale their business!