5 Healthy Recipe Swaps You Won’t Even Know Are Plant Based (vegan)

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The BEST Vegan Nacho Cheese plant based Recipe

Eating plant based is such a great way to support our health and the environment. In our family, we try to eat plant based as often as we can, mostly because we know that eating whole fruits and veggies make us feel our absolute best!

When grocery shopping, I will swap out animal products at every opportunity. Some easy swaps to make at almost any grocery store include:

– almond milk instead of dairy,
– plant butter instead of regular,
– boca crumbles instead of ground beef,
– dairy free ice cream,
– plant based hot dogs,
– and we always try to fill up the cart with real fruits and veggies over anything else.

When we have a craving for something like mac n cheese or burgers, we always try to think of way we can make it healthier or plant based.

Here are some of our favorite plant based recipe swaps!

(I promise you won’t even know the difference!)

1. Plant Based Nacho Cheese
via Simple Vegan Blog

The BEST Vegan Nacho Cheese plant based Recipe

Most vegan cheese recipes call for an insane amount of cashews, but not this one. This vegan nacho cheese recipe uses carrot and potato, you probably already have all the ingredients on hand!

2. The Best Vegan Lasagna
via Hummusapien

best vegan lasagna tofu recipe

Two words: tofu. ricotta. It’s delicious and I love that you can add veggies like spinach and mushrooms to this plant based lasagna recipe.

3. BBQ Jackfruit Sliders with Avocado Slaw
via Minimalist Baker


This bbq jackfruit recipe is a staple in our house. We have even used the bbq inside homemade mac n cheese, SO good!

4. Veggie Burger Recipe
via Chocolate Covered Katie

Plant based burgers don’t have to be boring. (Have you tried the impossible whopper!? INSANE). This recipe is not an impossible whopper, but it gets the job done when you need a quick and easy plant based dinner idea.

5. Vegan Taco Meat
via Loving It Vegan

best vegan taco meat recipe tofu

I love making a little extra taco meat and save it for nacho night! Two meals, one recipe, that’s a win.

Let me know, which of these are you most excited to try!?



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