10 Essential Oils That Will Transform Your Morning Routine

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morning routing ideas lemon peppermint

My kids don’t have a snooze button. Our mornings always begin with the sun because for some reason, my kids have this instinct that when the sun comes up, they have to get up too. Which is why I cherish my morning routine.

Since I created a morning routine for myself using essential oils, I have noticed a huge difference in my mood, energy levels, and digestion throughout the day.

Remember that the key to reaping the many benefits of essential oils is to use them everyday. Rather than reacting to situations where we need an oil, this is a more proactive approach that ultimately helps prevent certain things from happening in the first place.

Also, I love that the majority of these oils come in the premium starter kit from Young Living, so this routine is perfect if you are brand new to oils.

Here are a few ways I use essential oils to ensure I have the best day ever:

Peppermint behind the ears and along the neck for an invigorating “wake-up” call.

I love the cool and invigorating feel of peppermint in the morning. I feel like this oil just jumps straight into my cells to help boot my energy levels so I’m ready to tackle the day.

Thieves rolled on my feet and on my dental floss.

Thieves is the ultimate wellness oil, so I start by rolling a little on my feet and adding a drop to dental floss for fresh breath.

Endoflex along the neck for adrenal and endocrine support

Endoflex is a blend of sesame seed oil, sage, myrtle, spearmint, nutmeg, geranium and German chamomile. IT has a range of benefits, however I use it for supporting my adrenal and overall endocrinee system for balanced hormones and cortisol!

Wash face with serum made from: geranium, lavender, and Copaiba

This might sound weird, but I love washing my face in the morning with cold water as it helps to wake me up even more! I love to use a DIY serum made with Geranium, one of my favorite oils for skin!

Roll on deodorant roller that has Citronella and Valor

It’s 2020. If you haven’t switched to a natural deodorant, what are you doing with your life! I love this natural deodorant (2 ingredients!!) and then follow up with an essential oil roller with Citronella and Valor.

Drink a 32 oz jar of water infused with a drop of lemon and peppermint

The most important thing in the morning is to HYDRATE! The first thing my body craves is a huge jug of water. I love to infuse it with lemon and peppermint for added digestive support for the rest of the day.

Set up the diffuser with an oil that will support my day. There are lots of different diffuser blends to choose from, here!

I’d love to know what oils do you reach for first thing in the morning!?



P.S. I would be so honored to have you jump into your oily-wellness journey with me! If you’re ready, grab your essential oils starter kit here and I can’t wait to welcome you in.

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